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Making a Difference

Ohio Optometric Foundation

Board of Directors
Dr. Tracey Needham (President)
Dr. Dennis Roark (Vice-President)
Mr. Richard Cornett (Secretary-Treasurer)
Mr. Donald Antrim, Esq.
Dr. Cheryl Archer
Mr. John Art
Dr. Rachel Bostelman
Dr. Wayne Collier
Dr. Don Murphy
Mr. Phill Phillips

Ohio Optometric Foundation
The Ohio Optometric Foundation is a not-for-profit Ohio charitable corporation chartered in the state of Ohio for the purpose of accepting and administering charitable donations to improve the visual health and welfare of Ohio's citizens. These donations will fund grants, scholarships, and programs to promote public awareness of the importance of a lifetime of comprehensive eye care.

Make a Difference:
Make a difference in improving the visual health of Ohio's citizens. Make a tax-deductible donation to the Ohio Optometric Foundation and you will ensure a lasting legacy that emphasizes the importance of eye care and vision education.

The Ohio Optometric Foundation will focus on:

  • Improving the vision and eye health of the citizens of Ohio
  • Providing opportunities and resources for children and underserved individuals to obtain eye health care
  • Educating the citizens of Ohio to make informed decisions regarding eye health and the importance of a lifetime of comprehensive eye care

Ohio Optometric Foundation Golf Outing
Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Scioto Reserve Golf Course
Powell, OH